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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Liv's First Family Vacation

For Liv’s first vacation we meet up with Mom, Dad, and Amber (Jerm had to work) in Gatlinburg at the chalet that I spent many a family vacation. Liv had a ball! We went to build a bear. We walked the town. We watched a man make taffy. We pet every dog in site. We went to a kiddy park and she rod a ton of rides. On the last day she told me she loved Gat’bird and wanted to come back again tomorrow.

As wonderful as it was to watch her enjoy her first vacation, the best part was a fight between by Dad and a raccoon (which can be seen in the first photo). Not sure if I can capture it in words, but I will try.

Dad purchased birdseed for the feeders at the chalet. He had just put the new birdseed in the outside trashcan where it is stored. The raccoon must have heard this because it saunters up, undoes the wire lock on the trash can, and dives in to have a snack. This makes dad mad so he runs out onto the deck to shoo away the raccoon. The raccoon then pops its head out of the trash can and spits at dad pppppllllbbbbb. At this point dad is not just mad, but flaming mad, so he garbs a broom to show the raccoon who is boss. Now the raccoon decides it is not wise to stay in the can so he hops out and glares at Dad. Dad, with broom still in had, closes the trash can lid and rewires it shut. The raccoon decides he is not happy about this and charges dad. Dad spins around – broom still in hand- and grabs the grill lid in the other hand and strikes a fencing pose. So now Dad and the raccoon go at it in a jousting like fashion. We are all cracking up, but Liv in a very concerned voice asks, “What is Papa doin’ to that RatCat???” Before things take a turn for the worse, we grab some food for the “RatCat” and throw it to the side of the deck so he could eat in peace and Dad’s bird seed could be saved for the birds. Just seeing by Dad and the “RatCat” in fencing positions was PRICELESS!!!


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