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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Humidifer Story


Well, if you are reading this blog, you probably already heard this story, but here it goes again.

We had our wonderful friends the Underwoods – Brian, Aimee, and Luke over a few weekends ago. (We made Sushi and Pad Thai- It was wonderful) I moved a humidifier that is normally in Liv’s room to sit on a toy box in our guest room for Luke. When the Underwoods left on Sunday I did not move it back and she would go in the room and look at it and look at me as if to be thinking, “This does not belong here where I can reach it, it should be up high where I can not pull it down.”

On Monday morning as I was getting dressed for work, I noticed Olivia was being sneaky and leaning against the wall and looking longingly at the humidifier. You see; the humidifier is a Taboo item. She is not allowed to touch it. With it so close within her reach, how could she not pass up this opportunity? Being the mean mom I am, I waived my finger at her and said, “Olivia! No, no, do not touch that humidifier.” Liv looked at me and seemed to be thinking; how can I still get away with touching the humidifier? So, Olivia extended her pointer finger and slowly inched it towards the humidifier. She touched it softly and quickly and had a look of pure glee on her face. A second later she scrunched up her face, took her other finger and waived it at the finger that touched the humidifier, and scolded it by telling her finger, “No! No!” Smart kid. How could I get on to her after that!?!?!


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