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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weekend at the Peter's

We were able to go to Atlanta the weekend of July 1st. We had been telling Liv that we were going and Matt was calling it Hot-lanta and the ATL. Liv's teacher asked me what we would be doing in Atlanta for the weekend - I knew Liv had to of been doing something "Livey" to make Ms. Jacci ask - what has she been saying I inquired - Ms. Jacci said she kept telling everyone (with lots of attitude), "Tonight I'm goin' to Hot-lanta in the ATL!!"

We had a blast. We stayed with Michael and Aimee Peters. We were up late talking on Friday night. On Saturday we went to visit our friend Emma. She could not get over how grown up (and feisty) Liv was!

That after noon a bunch of our old friends gathered at Aimee and Michael’s for a get together – we had so much fun playing games and catching up with people. One of my favorite parts was watching the video where Aimee had won the final show case on the Price’s Right! It was classic!!!

Sunday we went to Andy Stanley’s church. It was wonderful, very large, but the message was great. The nursery was full so Liv accompanied us to service. She would watch other people and then imitate their behavior. For example, she would nod in agreement with the minister after he finished a point – hilarious.

After service we went to Boca Di Bebos (doubt I spelled that right) for a wonderful Italian meal! We met up with Nathan (NaNa Toergerson) there. Liv was so excited to see him – she peered up at him like he was a member of a famous boy band! You can see in one of the pictures where they were playing hide and seek and she was skillfully hidden under the table.

During the rousing game of hide and seek, Michael and Matt put this tuff in our AC and made it work like new!!! It was a life savor because the AC was blowing hot air and Atlanta is not called Hotlanta for nothing!!

It was a great weekend to get away and relax with good friends. Michael and Aimee, thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. Your home is not only beautiful, but it is warm and inviting! We had a wonderful time and hope to return the favor soon!


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I love the third pic. It looks like Olivia is just stretched out between the two of them!

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