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This is a blog about the Tidmore Family. We have moved a lot since we met, and we have met so many fantastic people along life’s journey. We are hoping that this blog will help us keep in touch with the wonderful people who have come in and out of our lives.

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Olivia's list of Words and Accomplishments

Words I Can Say

• Momma
• Daddy
• Bye
• Hi
• No
• Yeah
• Maw-Maw
• Paw-Paw
• Poppa
• YaYa (Nonna)
• G (Grandmother Carolyn)
• Kyle
• Fish
• Santa
• Sadie
• Ball
• Eat
• Pig
• Kitty

My (Olivia) Favorite Activities

• Running
• MC Hammer Dance
• Sliding
• Playing in the sand box
• Playing in leaf piles
• Licking like Marnie (dog)
• Rolling a matchbox car or ball with Marnie
• Giving Marnie treats
• Opening and closing doors
• Playing in my play house
• Doing laundry with mom (removing items from the washer)
• Singing in my microphone
• Eating!!! Especially Cheese and Graham Sticks
• Flipping through books
• Brush my teeth


Blogger Nathan said...

Hey you guys. We miss you so much back at Motion Youth Group. I am still waiting for that ONE word to be added to that list! I hope you know what the word is. If not I will let ya know....NAHNAH!! I am still Olivia's finace whether your in hick ville Alabama!! Again we miss yal a bunch and hope to see ya soon!!

1:18 PM  

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