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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Liv's Favorite Things

Things Liv Loves that makes her so LIVEY
-Singing one-word songs that she makes up. The songs consist of one word that is repeated over in over in varying lengths, tones, and volumes. Below are her favorites:
-Grandparent Songs consists of the name of a grandparent over and
-Food songs list her favorite foods, cheese, ha-heart (Pop-Tart), and
juice are the three songs in this category
-Classmate Songs: This song consists of a classmate’s name. The
options for this song are as follows: Rio (by far the most popular), Hanna, Aric, Gabriella (Gabby is the name in the song), and another girl in her class that rarely makes the songs is Alivia. We think Alivia is not making the song rotation because Liv is confused as to why someone else has a name that sounds like hers.
-Puppy Song. This song breaks the rules; at times actual names of puppies she likes are thrown in instead of puppy. I am assuming Jeffy, Marnie, and Sadie are the verses and Puppy is the chorus in this song.
-The University Child Development Center
- Liv is really enjoying her school. Above you see her classmate’s names. Ms. Jackie is her teacher. When she says Ms. Jackie is really sounds like Ms. Daddy.
-She loves school and is doing well with counting, animals, and animal sounds. She starts Abeka curriculum in September. I think it is weird that she will actually be working in a curriculum before she is 2.
-Indian dancing around a tent in our den. We dance to the Phoenix Master’s Frontline CD. She loves it. We mainly dance to the first 3 or 4 songs on the CD before we collapse. After the dancing fun, Liv’s wants to worship to her favorite song “Come Walk With Me”
-Doing dances / hand motions on the hearth of the fire place (this weeks favorite is “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
-Dancing in her car seat to any and all types of music
-Getting down to fast praise music at church
-Dancing to the music in her head. I mean it, she will just start dancing and there is no music on, she just hears the beat in her head.
-Cooking eggs with Mommy
-Wearing Mommy’s shoes
-Fireworks, anything with a firework on it, and pretending to be a firework
- Harassing Marnie
-Harassing Daddy
-Riding on Mommy’s back like a horsey
-Hopping like a kangaroo or frog
-Sitting on the front porch and waiving to the cars that go by
-Eating Lucky Charms cereal
-She eats the marshmallow pieces and gives the cereal pieces to our
dog Marnie


Blogger ~CRYSTAL~ said...

Oh I love that list! That's awesome. You should do those more often.

9:52 PM  
Blogger jamleah said...

How funny! Bryant does Lucky Charms that way too... but since we don't have a dog, he just throws those unwanted pieces on the floor. Joy.

9:52 AM  

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