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Friday, October 05, 2007

Sisters, Sisters, There've Never Been Two More Devoted Sisters

Sharing, Caring, Every single Thing That We Are Wearing.....

Olivia got to see her little sister in the NICU right after she was born. These pictures are from the second day. Liv got 15 minutes with Felicity a day while she was in the NICU. Even though the time was short, I think they bonded. Anytime another baby cried or a monitor alarm went off, Olivia would comfort Felicity and glare at the offending party that dared disturb her sister. Olivia is so proud of her little sister, and we are so proud of the way she has transitioned into her role as big sister.


Blogger jamleah said...

I think it's amazing how children adapt so quickly and accept so readily their new roles. Tell my little chicken pot pie that she is a GREAT big sister! :)

8:11 AM  

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