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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cucumber Baby

A nice lady that works in my office (one of those people you pass in the hall, but don’t really know) asked me if I wanted a cucumber she had grown in her garden. I said no thanks, but she insisted I take the cucumber. When she pulled it out of the Wall Mart sack, it was the biggest cucumber I have ever seen. This is weird, but ok I thought.

Well I went to pick up Liv. When I was putting her in the car, she saw the cucumber (how could she not, it took up the entire backseat) and wanted to hold it. It was a bit heavy for her, so I helped her place it in her lap for the ride home. She jabbered on to the cucumber and we had a nice ride home.

That evening we went to her aunt and uncle’s home to play with her cousins. When we got out of the car, she insisted that the cucumber go inside with us. I thought this was a reasonable request, because no one wants a cucumber in their sweltering car when it is 90+ degrees outside. So, the cucumber went inside. Everywhere Liv played, the cucumber had to go too. The Eppling family now thinks we are weird, but I think we just confirmed what they already suspected.

When we got home that night, I placed the cucumber on the counter and did not think much about it. Liv started to wail. I could not determine what the spontaneous outburst pertained to. Then it hit me that she wanted the cucumber back. I gave it to her and she took it into the den (only after she dropped it about 10 times getting it to the den; I meant it, this is a seriously large cucumber.)

Once she and the cucumber were in the den, she began to wrap the cucumber up in a blanket. After the cucumber was properly bundled, she placed it in her baby doll stroller. She then got it one of her pretend bottles and began to give it a drink. At this moment Cucumber Baby was born.

That night, I was almost asleep when Matt got home. He crept into the bedroom and kissed me on the cheek and asked, “Why is there a ridiculously large cucumber in our daughters “princess” stroller?” I responded, “it is not a cucumber, it is a baby,” then I drifted off to sleep.

Later that week, the above-mentioned Epplings came over to swim. Her uncle, Erin, noticed the cucumber in the stroller wrapped in the blanket. He went over and picked it up and commented he could not believe we still had the cucumber. Then he pitched the cucumber back into the stroller. Matt and I both yelled at the same time, “you put the baby in upside down!” At that moment we both new, the cucumber had to go.

It took us a few days to get up the nerve, but one night the cucumber disappeared. I am not sure Liv will ever be able to play with, I mean eat cucumbers again……..


Blogger ~CRYSTAL~ said...

That is hilarious! I'm laughing so hard. Traci, I'm glad you're bloggin' again, girl! You really need to keep it up this time. :) Liv, is a true character, but how could she not be with you & Matt as her parents. She's a mess! Keep the Liv stories coming.....

9:58 PM  
Blogger jamleah said...

This is something very Traci-like! Do you know what, Tres is obsessed right now with Larry-boy. He walks around saying, "Larry-boy saved the day, mom! He is a hero! (and then as if an afterthought) Larry-boy is a cucumber, too. That's right. He is!"

9:56 AM  

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