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This is a blog about the Tidmore Family. We have moved a lot since we met, and we have met so many fantastic people along life’s journey. We are hoping that this blog will help us keep in touch with the wonderful people who have come in and out of our lives.

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Matt has won father of the year – no need for any other dads to try. He bought Liv Annie and introduced her into the wonderful world of musicals. She watches it EVERY DAY!! LOVES Annie!!! She can even sing some of the songs. I better start saving for those singing and acting lessons…..


A few shots of Liv playing at Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw’s with Rick-Rick’s kittens. She named one of the kittens Maggie.

Sister Trip 2006

I would love to explain these pictures from Gatlinburg, but there is one rule on our Sisters Gatlinburg trip – If you tell what went on during the trip – you aren’t invited back!! Therefore, there will be no explaining why my grandmother’s head is hung in shame of those around her in the bottom right picture, or the Taboo Chicken, or Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty, I have a Big Ole Booty...

Matt and Liv telling me bye as I left for Gatlinburg

4th of July

Here are some photos from July 4th. Matt’s Dad and Donna have a cook out every year at there home. My family never misses it (unless deathly ill – poor mom – she missed the one on 05). We always have a great time, hanging out, watching the kids swim, eating too much, watching people in the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition eat too much, and catching up with one another. This year Rick-Rick had new kittens that were a hit with the kids!

Weekend at the Peter's

We were able to go to Atlanta the weekend of July 1st. We had been telling Liv that we were going and Matt was calling it Hot-lanta and the ATL. Liv's teacher asked me what we would be doing in Atlanta for the weekend - I knew Liv had to of been doing something "Livey" to make Ms. Jacci ask - what has she been saying I inquired - Ms. Jacci said she kept telling everyone (with lots of attitude), "Tonight I'm goin' to Hot-lanta in the ATL!!"

We had a blast. We stayed with Michael and Aimee Peters. We were up late talking on Friday night. On Saturday we went to visit our friend Emma. She could not get over how grown up (and feisty) Liv was!

That after noon a bunch of our old friends gathered at Aimee and Michael’s for a get together – we had so much fun playing games and catching up with people. One of my favorite parts was watching the video where Aimee had won the final show case on the Price’s Right! It was classic!!!

Sunday we went to Andy Stanley’s church. It was wonderful, very large, but the message was great. The nursery was full so Liv accompanied us to service. She would watch other people and then imitate their behavior. For example, she would nod in agreement with the minister after he finished a point – hilarious.

After service we went to Boca Di Bebos (doubt I spelled that right) for a wonderful Italian meal! We met up with Nathan (NaNa Toergerson) there. Liv was so excited to see him – she peered up at him like he was a member of a famous boy band! You can see in one of the pictures where they were playing hide and seek and she was skillfully hidden under the table.

During the rousing game of hide and seek, Michael and Matt put this tuff in our AC and made it work like new!!! It was a life savor because the AC was blowing hot air and Atlanta is not called Hotlanta for nothing!!

It was a great weekend to get away and relax with good friends. Michael and Aimee, thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. Your home is not only beautiful, but it is warm and inviting! We had a wonderful time and hope to return the favor soon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

“A Fishy Story” - by Phyllis King

Happy 29th Birthday, Traci
“A Fishy Story”
By Phyllis King

Recently I visited Traci in Huntsville in order to celebrate her 29th (she really can’t be that old!) birthday. I traveled up on a Thursday afternoon in order to have time with Olivia that evening before Traci and I were to head to Nashville the following day for the weekend. I wanted to treat her to a birthday weekend of shopping and sleeping in as long as she wanted. However, Mother Nature had different plans.

That evening after Olivia and I had played so much we were both worn out, Traci, Matt, and I settled down in front of the TV after putting Olivia to bed upstairs in her room. We were intently watching the weather updates that indicated that Huntsville was potentially going to have severe weather beginning some time the next day. Traci had hoped to work at least part of the day on Friday before I picked her up at the office which would begin our Nashville get-away that we had looked forward to for weeks.

The dilemma began…do we leave early and get ahead of the weather or take a “wait and see” approach. (Fortunately, we took the “wait and see” approach.) The next day, Traci & Matt went to work & Olivia went to preschool. I went to some of my favorite shopping places in Huntsville that morning and noticed that the wind was continually picking up. Upon returning back to their home, I turned on the TV to hear the weatherman announce that there was a tornado on the ground in Nashville! Needless to say, I called and cancelled our hotel reservations and learned from the man I spoke with that the weather coverage I had heard was incorrect…there were SEVERAL tornadoes on the ground in Nashville!

Traci, Matt, and Olivia returned home that evening, and the 4 of us watched continual weather coverage as the skies darkened on Huntsville. We put Olivia to bed upstairs and did a repeat of the night before…keeping our eye on what the weather was doing which continued to deteriorate. It seemed that Nashville wasn’t the only city to be visited by tornadoes. We learned they were approaching right where Matt and Traci live!

Traci decided to set up Olivia’s Pack and Play in the kitchen and move her downstairs with us. The poor child was so exhausted from a day at preschool and playing again with her visiting Yah-yah that she only raised her head a little to wonder where she was and why was she in the kitchen. She was too tired to ask and went back to sleep.

TV weather coverage continued, and we gave it our rapt attention. Matt suddenly announced that we needed to get in the kitchen bathroom…the safest place in the house. I had already turned the bathroom floor into a huge pallet. Traci scooped up Olivia out of the Pack and Play, and all of us hurried into the smallest room in the house. This time Olivia stirred, raised her head, and wondered why in the world were we all on the bathroom floor with candles??? Living with her Mom and Dad means her life is a constant thrilling journey…so she didn’t question it and lay down.

After an hour or so in the bathroom and listening to the worst sounding wind I’ve ever heard, things settled down and we left our place of safety. The deck was covered with debris but there was no damage. Olivia was returned to her own bed, and the rest of us followed to ours.

Traci and I decided that we would just stay in Huntsville to celebrate her birthday the following day. The plan was for Matt and his mom to take care of Olivia for the entire day while Traci and I began our day out with breakfast followed by shopping at all of Traci’s favorite stores that she can’t take a 2 ½ year old in and concentrate on what she is doing, and then end the day with dinner out that evening.

We set out the following morning that turned out to be a beautiful day. We had a leisurely breakfast and then shopped, shopped, shopped, and shopped. After each store, I would ask Traci where she would like to go next. We visited stores for purchases and stores just for looking around, laughing and having a good time.

While we were in Kirkland’s, Traci noticed a box that contained an unusual fish bowl. She wondered who would want such an odd bowl. I commented that the picture on the box just didn’t do the bowl justice. One of my friends has the same fish bowl that sits on a beautifully carved wooden stand of a Japanese gold fish. Traci took the bowl and its stand out of the box and fell in love with it.

She said that she and Matt had wanted to get Olivia a pet and thought that all of them could easily handle the care of a fish. The gorgeous bowl was on a great sale, so she bought it to take to Olivia.

We didn’t return home until nearly 9:00 that evening, so Olivia had already gone to bed. Traci showed Matt her purchases and my birthday gifts to her that were also bought that day…clothes, of course! :o) The last thing we opened to show him was the fish bowl which after assembled looked lovely in the middle of their coffee table. The wooden fish stand matched their table perfectly. After the bowl was placed upon the stand, it stood nearly 18 inches high and awaited the purchase of a fish. I told the two of them good night and went up to bed.

The following morning was Sunday. I went downstairs to make coffee while Traci was getting ready for church and was soon followed by Matt and Olivia. (You must remember that we had forgotten all about the gorgeous and very breakable fish bowl on the coffee table.) While I was in the kitchen, I suddenly heard Matt yell, “NOOOO, Olivia, don’t touch that!!!!” I squelched my desire to immediately run into the den, see what was going on, and take care of the situation. I quickly reminded myself that I was just the Yah-yah, and Daddy could handle whatever the situation was. Of course, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t listening intently to whatever was going on around the corner from me.

I then heard Olivia’s little voice question, “What is it?” I, of course, would have given her a long dissertation on it being a special home for a fish, her Mommy bought it for her, wasn’t it pretty, and that it was very, very breakable and should only be looked at, not touched. But Daddy, being a man, only said, “It’s for fish.” That’s all he said…”It’s for fish.”

Well, I MADE myself stay in the kitchen even though I desperately wanted to explain in great detail to Olivia about the fish bowl. A few minutes later after she no doubt had studied the bowl for a while, Olivia entered the kitchen. Now was my chance to explain it all to her! I was standing by the refrigerator, which has the freezer on the bottom by the way…

Olivia came over to me, and I asked her if she had seen Mommy’s gift to her on the coffee table. She said, “Yes,” and then began pulling on the freezer door. It is not unusual for Olivia’s “10 arms and hands” to be pulling at something or be into something while she is having a conversation. I leaned against the door and kept it closed with the weight of my leg pushing against it. I rattled on and on about the bowl wondering why Olivia wasn’t the least bit interested in my explanation. Finally, I became frustrated with her continually pulling on that freezer door.

I said, “Olivia, why are you pulling on this door?” She raised that angelic little face up to me and said, “Yah-yah, I get fish for my bowl!”

I wondered what in the world she meant…then I began to laugh hysterically. The only fish Olivia has had exposure to are frozen fish sticks! She wanted a fish stick from the freezer to put in her bowl. When I explained to Matt what Olivia had done, he got her, found an Elmo book, located a picture of Elmo’s fish, Dorothy, and showed her how the bowl was to be used….a home for a real fish!

That afternoon Olivia was taken to the pet store after church, and her new fish was purchased which she named…..Dorothy. You can often find Olivia sitting on top of the coffee table with her little legs folded, hands in her lap, and tousled head staring over the top of the bowl as she talks to Dorothy. But she doesn’t touch that bowl…she was listening to her Yah-yah after all. :o)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Father's Day Weekend for Papa

Yes – as you see Jeffery is still alive and kicking (well maybe not kicking, but he is still alive – Sorry Mom) If you were in Masters 95-96, you will remember the great Pugnapping that occurred!

Anyways, this is Liv or as she and her classmates call her “Livey Taylor Tidmore” and Jeffery aka “Puppery” (Pup-pery) swimming at Yah-Yah and Papa’s house. She loves this pool they got her and, as you see, it is a thrill for Jeff too! This was the weekend after Father’s day - because for the actual Father's Day Matt's present was to watch golf in his comfey chair. It was a great relaxing day and we had an awesome cook. Mom set the table in a beautiful patriotic theme (think tablescapes) and we all had a patriotic candle by our plates. Liv asked me if it was everyone’s Birthday and if since we all got candles did we all get a cake!! I wish Ihad a picture of the table, mom if you took one send it to me and I will post it.

The great dinner that evening was followed by everyone’s favorite - HOME MOVIES!!!! Poor Matt and Amber had to suffer through a few hours of remember when we ______. They were troopers and seemed to enjoy it and I have to say it was a bit enlightening for both of them!! Now they know why we are the way we are.

Great weekend Mom! You are the greatest hostess in the world!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Memorial Day Part II

Mom and Liv Checking out a bear

Amber and Jeremy at the Cemetary

Memorial Day Weekend Part II

A lot of these pictures are at the cemetery where we have out annual memorial service with the Wells family.

Memorial Day Weekend Part I

Memorial Day weekend we went to Kentucky for our annual family reunion. Liv and I have a great time. Matt was unable to go since he had to MC the Cotton Row Run. We were able to spend time with my extended family and Liv had a great time being spoiled by everyone. We even played ball onthe capitol lawn. I think her favorite part of the trip was to the Game Farm. We saw elk, bears, bison, deer, and other animals that are indigenous to Kentucky. It was great to see her have fun with all of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Mamaw. She especially got to know Uncle David and his wonderful talent of bird calling on this trip!!! Speaking of birds, no trip to Kentucky is complete with out going to Campton to visit Brid and Helen, my mother’s cousins.

Re-Post of Regan and Liv

I posted this earlier, but it is not showing up. These photos were taken at Kingwood after Regan’s dedication. I hope the girls grow up to be great friends like their mommies!

We are still around - I promise

Ok - I have tried to catch up the Blog to about mid May. I will try to add Memorial Day weekend to current photos soon! Hopefully Mom will write the Liv and the Fishbowl story soon for posting - it is a classic!

Traci and The Fam

Liv's First Family Vacation

For Liv’s first vacation we meet up with Mom, Dad, and Amber (Jerm had to work) in Gatlinburg at the chalet that I spent many a family vacation. Liv had a ball! We went to build a bear. We walked the town. We watched a man make taffy. We pet every dog in site. We went to a kiddy park and she rod a ton of rides. On the last day she told me she loved Gat’bird and wanted to come back again tomorrow.

As wonderful as it was to watch her enjoy her first vacation, the best part was a fight between by Dad and a raccoon (which can be seen in the first photo). Not sure if I can capture it in words, but I will try.

Dad purchased birdseed for the feeders at the chalet. He had just put the new birdseed in the outside trashcan where it is stored. The raccoon must have heard this because it saunters up, undoes the wire lock on the trash can, and dives in to have a snack. This makes dad mad so he runs out onto the deck to shoo away the raccoon. The raccoon then pops its head out of the trash can and spits at dad pppppllllbbbbb. At this point dad is not just mad, but flaming mad, so he garbs a broom to show the raccoon who is boss. Now the raccoon decides it is not wise to stay in the can so he hops out and glares at Dad. Dad, with broom still in had, closes the trash can lid and rewires it shut. The raccoon decides he is not happy about this and charges dad. Dad spins around – broom still in hand- and grabs the grill lid in the other hand and strikes a fencing pose. So now Dad and the raccoon go at it in a jousting like fashion. We are all cracking up, but Liv in a very concerned voice asks, “What is Papa doin’ to that RatCat???” Before things take a turn for the worse, we grab some food for the “RatCat” and throw it to the side of the deck so he could eat in peace and Dad’s bird seed could be saved for the birds. Just seeing by Dad and the “RatCat” in fencing positions was PRICELESS!!!

Puppy Love II

This is Liv on a play date with Aimee Underwood's boys Luke and Ian. I love the one where they are shocked and trying to run out of the bathroom - We found them playing in the water! Too funny!

and they call it Puppy Love

This is Liv on a Play date with Jamie Morrison Boemer's little boys. Aren't they too cute!!! I think this was some time in April. Jamie do you remember when this was??? Liv was very impressed by Tres's muscles!