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Thursday, August 25, 2005

South Beach Sundays

Anybody want to South Beach with me?

I stated the south beach diet about 4 weeks ago and I am enjoying it very much. Besides feeling better and not always being hungry, I have lost 10 lbs. I was wondering if any one wanted to join me on this journey.

I am trying to get healthy and fit so that I can enjoy life and have the energy to do all I need for my family, job, and church. I don’t like having that draggy feeling all the time. I have noticed when I replace the bad carbs with protein it has changed the way I feel.

However, feeling better does not seem to be enough motivation for me. If I am accountable to you in cyber space, maybe I will find the stamina to stick with this and accomplish my goals.

What I was hoping to implement with South Beach Sundays as a place to state how much you lost the pervious week and how much you have lost total. Might be a nice way to stay accountable. I also would love it if people would post tips, recipes, and secrets to their success.

For example:

Tip – I found if you use sugar free chocolate pudding mix instead of the coca powder in the ricotta cream cheese desert, it tastes great and still has few carbs.

Recipe - One of our favorite meals is Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce loaded with veggies. We also sauté veal patties, that you can get in the meat department of the grocery store, and add that on top of the “pasta”. Delicious and you can make it in less than 15 minutes!

I would also love any weight watcher recipes or anything that is healthy and low carb.

So whatcha’ think??????


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