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Saturday, December 24, 2005


No, not the Audio Adrenaline song - Liv got her Christmas wish. (Let me be clear, it was not the live baby she asked for, check back in a couple of years for that one) She got her ears pierced! She was such a big girl. We covered that fact that it would hurt and that it would make a loud popping noise. She seemed to understand this and when we the Merel Norman lady put her up in the chair she informed her that, “I get earrings, but they hurt first.”

She sat perfectly still while the ladies marked her ears. When they pulled out the earring guns she did not even flinch. She let them line them up on her ears and then she helped them count to three. When they shot the earrings in, she looked at me like, Oh! Man that HURT! You were not kidding Mommy! She started to cry for only a minute and I hander her Blank, her special blanket, and one of the Merel Norman ladies gave her a handheld mirror. That was the end of the crying. She smiled and looked at her ears and was so proud!

She did begin to pretend cry and I asked her what was happening. With a big frown, she said, “Mommy no kiss ears.” I forgotten that I told her it would hurt, but Mommy would kiss her ears and they would be all better. I kissed her ears and she told me, “They all better Mommy, I see!” Then she looked in the mirror at them again. As we walked through the mall, she would stop and admire them in anything that would give off a reflection.

They are cute on her. I am glad we decided to go ahead and let her have it done. She seems really happy with them. I will ask Matt to post a picture of her with her new earrings, but don’t hold your breath! We have not posted pictures since last year!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that your Christmas wishes come true as well!


Blogger Vickie said...

We all desperately want you guys to post a updated picture of your beautiful baby!! Tell Matt that Ms. Vickie said to get on it. PLEASE!!!

10:30 PM  
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Blogger Nicole said...

hello Traci and MAtt,
I miss you guys dearly. I bet Liv thinks she's a little lady with those earrings. I would love to see pics! and the story about the christmas play had me rolling!

I hope you are doing well. I am back online now, so my blog is current. Stay in touch! Call me!

6:47 AM  

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